Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Infrastructure security consists of the policies, processes and practices adopted to prevent, detect and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. AtoZsecure helps you to maintain the required security for your network infrastructure.

The trend of cloud infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace, the roles and responsibilities of in-house security teams have increased greatly. Misconfigured servers or devices can be the entry points for external attackers. A small loophole can cause a big data breach. AtoZsecure helps you to ensure all your infrastructure devices and assets are inlined with security standards.

Why You Require Infrastructure Penetration Testing

To avoid data breach

To identify security loopholes proactively

Ensures minimum risks towards your digital assets

Plan for long-term security management

To identify the the impact of the security risks on your business

Predict Security gaps

Infrastructure Security Services We Offer

Our experts identify misconfigurations by following a customized checklist and audit tools for your cloud or on-premise infrastructure.


Common AWS Misconfigurations

S3 Bucket misconfigurations

Misconfigured ACLs

Misconfigured IAM policies

Insecure Key Management

Insecure Deployments


Common Azure Misconfigurations

Weak Encryption

Insecure Authentication

Overly Permisive Rules

Insecure Logging & Monitoring

Missing RBAC & MFA

Network Security

Common Network Misconfigurations

Misconfigured network devices

Insecure Server Configurations

Vulnerable network services

Publically exposed ports

Misconfigured Firewall/WAF

Benifits with AtoZsecure

Unique Testing Approach

    We follow a customized test checklist designed specifically for modern Mobile Apps. This checklist not only covers various security standards such as OWASP, SANS, NIST etc. but also ensures protection against business logic flaws. Our team consists of security experts who know how to uncover the vulnerabilities hidden behind the intended features of the targeted application.

Real World Attack Simulation

    Here at AtoZsecure, we not only identify vulnerabilities that can affect your digital assets but also ensure the maximum degree of impact an external attacker can perform. As a result, we are capable of identifying security defects before real-world attackers do. With the help of customized tools and scripts, we ensure maximum security towards your digital assets.

Best Remediation Plan

    Identifying security loopholes is not enough. You need to resolve identified issues at the earliest. Most of the time it is too hard to implement an ideal fix to your application due to multiple factors. Understanding your problems we suggest paths that minimize security flaws without putting much effort into changing existing code lines. We are known for the best consultation.

Deep Insights

    Once the security assessment is completed we provide you with a detailed report which not only covers a vulnerability summary but also a comprehensive insight into why a particular vulnerability exists in your systems. We provide extended support for product teams to avoid identified security flaws in future. We help you to onboard a security framework for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the growing cyberattacks and online threats, it’s very necessary to have a continuous check on the security loopholes that could become a pathway for hackers. Penetration test allows security teams to identify and resolve security issues and risks in the targeted application.

Time and Cost depends upon multiple factors like effort required, size of the application or limitations during the project. Actual time and cost can be determined after the kick-off call once scope is confirmed.

During the vulnerability scan for the scoped item, we follow international security standards like OWASP, NIST and SANS. We also use our customized scripts to perform a vulnerability assessment.

We are DPIIT recognised security firm by the government of India. Also, we ensure 100% confidentiality during assignments by following our security standards.

For every reported vulnerability, we provide proper proof of concepts and reproduction steps. We also provide how the same can be exploited by external attackers. Once the final report is shared we also schedule a debriefing call with our clients.

The best practice to perform vulnerability assessments at least quarterly, however, there are several factors to consider including compliance, changes in infrastructure, and business needs.

AtoZsecure Deliverables

Executive Summary

Detailed Report

Approach and Methodology

Remediation Guidelines

Complete detail of identified defects

Security Recommendation

What our clients say about us

"AtoZsecure -Truly Mean Of Its Name."AtoZsecure has been engaged with us past couple of years, and we found their confidential - Integrity and Availability ( CIA) Level is Excellent .. They found 200+ Bugs in VA PT Assessment. Truly I would like to recommend AtoZsecure for InfoSec Project.


Communications Industry

"An Amazing Team Work With"An amazing team with great skills Delivery and execution are on time Reporting and Retesting was done before the deadline Really loved the service

Senior Security Analyst

Services Industry

"They are what they claim!"We engaged with AtoZsecure for a short term security assignment for one of our products. Even though the product was audited multiple times by different vendors they were able to identify some quality defects. I must appreciate their professionalism in handling ad-hoc requirements as well.

Senior Product Manager

Services Industry

"Trustworthy security partner"We never expected the level of cooperation we recieved from AtoZsecure while fixing security defects. Definetely recommened them as our security partners.

Information Security Head

Education Industry

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